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Park County Democrats

Welcome to the official web site of the Colorado Park County Democratic Party. We're glad you're here and we hope to provide you with useful, insightful information about our county and our organization! 

We invite you to join with us to help build a strong, united, grass roots climate that respects the views of everyone and nurtures those views into a better community, state and country for all.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Reorganization meeting

 Saturday, February 11, 2017

Shawnee Community Center / VFW Post

56427 US-285, Shawnee, 80475

In every odd-numbered year, the Colorado Democratic Party must reorganize.  Colorado Revised Statute 1-3-103(1)(c) requires each county central committee to meet between February 1 and February 15 of the odd-years to organize by selecting a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, and a secretary and any other officers provided for by the county bylaws and select a vacancy committee authorized to fill vacancies in the county central committee and the offices held by members of the county central committee. 

All meetings of the Park County Democratic Party are open to the public.  Only members of the county central committee are entitled to vote for election of county officers.  Prior to the formal meeting, we intend to have discussion and ideas about what people in the party hope to see and want to get involved with concerning the direction of the party and of the country, and what we can do as citizens, locally.  We will break for the official Re-Org meeting at 3:30, then continue any additional discussion after the meeting as demand exists. 


2:00-3:15pm  Registration and community discussion

3:30pm             Call to order

Welcome letter from State Party Chairman

Election of County Chair

Election of 1st Vice Chair

Election of Secretary

Election of Treasurer

Election of Vacancy Committee to fill seats on the county central committee

Filling of open Precinct Committee Person slots if any attendees from the public are interested and vacancies exist.  There are currently the following vacancies:

Precinct 4 (Grant) 1

Precinct 5 (Lake George) 1

Precinct 6 (Guffey) 1

Precinct 8 (Bailey) 1

Precinct 9 (Bailey) 1

Precinct 10 (Harris Park) 2

Precinct 11 (Bailey) 1

Precinct 13 (Pine) 1

Detailed precinct maps can be found here:


(Current rules provide for the chair to recommend appointments for approval to fill vacancies on the Central Committee.  Vacancies can occur when a caucus has failed to fill both of its seats, when a person no longer lives in the county or leaves the party, resigns or is removed for cause)

Other Business


Registered Democrats may run for any county office, though rules require notice to the current county chair at least 10 days prior to the meeting, though rules may be suspended by supermajority vote of the central committee).  Email denniso@parkcodems.org if you are a registered Democrat in Park County and interested in seeking a position.

As of 12:01am February 1, 2017 current candidates are:

Chair:  Dennis Obduskey, Bailey

Vice-Chair: Joyce Whittle, Bailey, Patricia Turner, Lake George

Secretary: Patrice Hufnagel, Bailey

Treasurer: Sandra Horrocks, Hartsel

[NOTE:  There are provisions in the party for a first and second vice-chair.  Park County has in recent history limited the position to a single vice-chair, but the County Central Committee has the ability to validate a 2nd Vice-Chair position.]


1.  The Chairman shall be the chief executive officer of the party. The Chairman may appoint other volunteer personnel to manage the business and financial affairs of the party. The Chairman shall administer any budget as approved by the central committee.

            2. Meetings and Call. The Chairman shall issue the call to all central and executive committee meetings. The executive committee shall meet monthly, unless a waiver of the monthly meeting is voted on by the executive committee. There shall be at least one central committee meeting in each calendar year. The Chairman shall issue the call for all assemblies and conventions.  (Note:  The Executive Committee currently consists of the chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer and has agreed to meet on an "as needed" basis).

            3. Presiding Officer. The Chairman shall be the presiding officer of executive and central committee meetings, and a member of all committees within the party. He shall have the deciding vote in all central and executive committee meetings, but shall not otherwise vote at any meetings of the central or executive committee.

            4. Campaigns. The Chairman, with the advice of the central and executive committees, shall conduct all county campaigns.

            5.  The chair shall represent the county party as a member of the State Central Committee and attend its meetings as called.


The Vice-Chairman shall do everything necessary to assist the Chairman in carrying out the duties of the Chairman. In addition, the Vice-Chairman shall provide leadership for organizational activities and for political education. In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman shall preside at all meetings and exercise all the authority of the Chairman.  The vice-chair shall represent the county party as a member of the State Central Committee and attend its meetings as called.


The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the central and executive committee meetings. The Secretary shall perform such other duties as requested by the Chairman, as well as such duties as are usually associated with the office of Secretary.


The Treasurer shall have custody of the funds of the party and shall render written accounts of receipts and disbursements at each meeting of the central and executive committees. The Treasurer shall be bonded as ordered by the central or executive committee, the premium for such bond shall be paid for by the party. The Treasurer shall prepare and file all financial reports required of political parties by federal or state law. The executive or central committees may, by resolution, provide for payment by the Treasurer of any expenditure within limits fixed by such resolution, at the direction or order of the county Chairman. The Treasurer shall make payments and expenditures of party funds only at the direction of the executive or central committees.

You can find your precinct on your voter record at www.govotecolorado.com.   Click on My Registration, manage my registration. You must enter your name, date of birth and zip code. The last three numbers of the 10 digit Precinct number indicates your Precinct number or you may contact the Park County Election Department at (719) 836-4223.